via Zoom

Time: May 10, 2021 06:45 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Meeting ID: 750 9410 0391
Passcode: 14BAgK

6:45 - Access to meeting begins
7:00 - Meeting is called to order

This will be a very brief meeting, 10-15 minutes, with only two items on the agenda, pre-filed motions, and limited discussion. Many members, especially those in Stehekin, have limited broadband; and a brief meeting may allow more to participate. If you are concerned about broadband usage, you should wait until close to 7 PM to access the meeting.

Election of Officers and Board Members
Adoption of 2021 Budget


I. Call to Order by the President 7 PM

II. Election of Board Members and Officers

MOTION 1-2021

(Moved by Cinda Gilbert, seconded by JoAnne Reiter)

Elect Foundation Officers to one-year Terms

· Herb Sargo - President

· Christy Libbey - Treasurer

· Laura Reiter - Secretary

MOTION 2-2021
(Moved by Danita Breeze, seconded by Adrienne Carpenter)

Elect acting board members to completion of those terms

Board members Christy Libbey, for one year remaining on three-year term, and
Board Members for two years remaining on 3-year terms

· Brun Garfoot - Greater Lake Chelan Representative A

· Laura Reiter - Greater Lake Chelan Representative B

· Jim Trappe - Position #8

MOTION 3-2021

(Moved by JoAnn Reiter, seconded by Christine Sargo)

Re-elect Board Members whose three-year terms are expiring

· Dick Bingham - Stehekin Community Representative A

· Bob Nielsen - Stehekin Representative B

· Doug England - Apple Industry Representative

With the above actions, the Foundation Board will be fully elected, with staggered terms on track.

MOTION 4-2021
(Moved by Christy Libbey, seconded by Laura Reiter)

Approve the 2021 Annual Budget as presented (Attached)
The attached PDF is two pages, so scroll down to the second page for the current budget status and the breakout of funds budgeted for projects. The draft revenues and expenditures are in the green column to the right in the document. The current budget status is there, as well.

Please address all questions regarding the elections and the budget to this e-mail address prior to the meeting.

See you Monday, with the hope that a year from now we will be meeting in-person, greeting and getting to know each other, as well as having a greater opportunity to discuss the Buckner Orchard and our work there.

Herb Sargo

Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit our web site: bucknerhomestead.org

DOT Plan1 800

WSDOT releases its statewide Active Transportation Plan – Part 1, starts work on Part 2

OLYMPIA – Just in time for National Bike Month, Washington is rolling out its statewide strategy and needs assessment for people who bike, walk and roll. The Washington State Department of Transportation released its new Washington State Active Transportation Plan, 2020 and Beyond – Part 1, now available online. The plan serves as a compass for charting new territory, where active transportation connections are incomplete or nonexistent, to create a path for others to use in the future.

Every Washingtonian uses active transportation connections at some point in a trip, whether crossing the street from their parking spot to their destination, walking to a bus stop or bicycling to school or work. The plan assesses the needs for accessible pedestrian and bicyclist facilities, highlights safety concerns and provides the first-ever examination of state right of way and its suitability for active transportation.

More people than ever are walking and bicycling – according to WSDOT’s multimodal transportation dashboard – both as alternatives to transit use and to maintain physical and mental health during the pandemic. At the same time, vulnerable road users – people who walk, bike or roll – now make up about 21 percent of all traffic deaths, far out of proportion to the fatality rates for other modes of travel.

“Whether you drive, bike, walk, or roll, the state’s highway rights of way serve as the backbone of our transportation system,” said Secretary of Transportation Roger Millar. “In the engagement for this plan, we heard very clearly that state routes need to connect people, not separate them. With this plan, we have new understanding to help us work with our partners to create complete, safer, and more accessible networks for each and every one of us, regardless of how we get around.”

Active transportation plan highlights

The plan addresses the steadily increasing fatalities of vulnerable road users and identifies driving speed and roadway crossings as top factors. It also:

  • Examines the effects of past infrastructure decisions on safety and mobility, particularly in places where those decisions affected transportation access and health.
  • Provides a first-ever needs assessment of the state system for active transportation use and estimates the cost of improvements in population centers.
  • Describes the concept of a statewide bikeways and trails network.
  • Offers using “level of traffic stress” as a data-based evaluation tool for state right of way and population centers when analyzing the effects of land-use change. Level of stress is a method to describe roadway characteristics that can be objectively measured and that affect people’s ability to use active transportation. 

WSDOT released the draft of the plan’s Part 1 in December 2020 and received more than 630 responses during the 8-week-comment period. Those comments will help WSDOT identify policy topics in Part 2 of the plan, scheduled for release in 2021. In addition to relevant policy topics, Part 2 will include performance measures associated with the plan’s goals and next steps in developing an implementation and action plan.

To receive future updates specifically for the plan subscribe to the ATP E-News. For active transportation news updates including grant opportunities, webinars, and activities of WSDOT and partners subscribe to the WSDOT Walk + Roll E-News.


OLYMPIA – This week is National Work Zone Awareness Week and we’re asking media and the public to wear orange on Wednesday, April 28, to honor the hard-working crews making our transportation infrastructure safe for all travelers.

The week honors all those lost and injured in work zone crashes and also reminds everyone about the need to be safe around work zones. Nationally, an average of 842 people are killed in work zone crashes every year. In 2020, Washington had seven fatality crashes in work zone on state roadways. Since 1950, WSDOT has had 60 workers killed on the job, the vast majority in work zone crashes. State statistics show that 94.4 percent of people killed in work zone crashes are travelers, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to be alert and extra cautious in and near work zones.

As part of the national week of events, Wednesday, April 28, is “Go Orange Day,” which asks everyone to wear orange to raise safety awareness and show support for workers. Participants can also share photos of their orange attire with #Orange4Safety and #NWZAW hashtags to amplify their message.

WSDOT works hard with training and equipment to keep our workers and everyone on the road safe, but we need the public’s help as well. Anytime you’re in or approaching a work zone please remember to:

  • Slow down – drive the posted speeds, they’re there for your safety
  • Be kind – our workers are out there helping to keep you safe and improve the roadways
  • Pay attention – both to workers directing you and surrounding traffic; put down your phone when behind the wheel
  • Stay calm – expect delays, leave early or take an alternate route if possible; no meeting or appointment is worth risking someone’s life

The 101st Manson Apple Blossom Festival is set for the second weekend in May, the 7th and 8th, just two weeks away. Visit  www.moretomanson to find accommodations and other useful information. Town will fill up for this event. This is a great weekend to visit Manson with spring in full bloom.Manson Apple Blossom Schedule of events:

FRIDAY – May 7

Crowning of Apple Blossom Royalty starts at 6:00 pm at North Shore Bible Church. We will crown the 2020 and 2021 Royalty. The event is outside under a tent. The Manson High School Jazz Band will play music. A box dinner is available. https://fb.me/e/3oUYDMZVT


The Manson Apple Blossom Pancake Breakfast is a great way to start your morning. Pancakes, eggs, ham, coffee and juice will be served at North Shore Bible Church from 6:30 to 10. https://fb.me/e/1vnPOUDpj

The Manson Apple Blossom Quilt Show will be held inside the North Shore Bible Church’s gym starting at 7:00 am and ends at 2:00. We ask you to wear a mask and practice social distancing at the event. Entry fee is $3.00 or just show your Apple Blossom button. https://fb.me/e/F3WHV96Z

The Manson Apple Blossom 5K/2K Fun Run. You can pre-register online for $20 or 7:30 am race day for $25. Race gets underway at 8:30 in front of the Manson Business Center. https://fb.me/e/3t4tExWUN

Manson Apple Blossom Parade. Listen for the Manson Fire station siren at 11:00 am that signifies the Apple Blossom Parade is getting underway. The American Legion and VFW will lead the parade followed by our first responders; be sure to give them a big hand! Parade starts at the Lake Chelan Building Supply and ends at Manson Bay Park. Get there early and stake out your seat. Be sure to stay in town after the parade and enjoy our many businesses. https://fb.me/e/1Dgct5Bjc

MCC 4 20 21
The next Manson Community Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 @ 6:00 pm via Zoom.
The same Zoom link will be used each time.
MCC meets regularly every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 pm.
Meeting ID: 895 6602 3031
This Zoom link is also found on our MCC Facebook page.

Chelan Fire and Rescue
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 at 5:30 P.M.
232 East Wapato, Chelan, WA

The CFR Board of Commissioners will conduct the meeting in person at the fire station, you are welcome to join via Zoom. The public is welcome to join by following this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87284665516 Meeting ID: 872 8466 5516 or dial +1 253 215 8782

Proposed Chelan Fire and Rescue agenda pending Board approval.

Roll Call:
Regular Meeting Call to Order:
Approve Agenda:
Public Comment:
Consent Agenda:
• Revenue and Expenditure Report: March 2021
• Payroll: March 1 -31, 2021 for $137,579.22 paid 04-05-2021
• General Account Vouchers: #201403056 – 201403099 for $27,846.05
• Capital Account Vouchers: #17165-17168 for $13,631.31
• Minutes: March 17, 2021
Fire Chief Report:
• 2021 Budget & Financial Report
• March Emergency Response Report / Operations / Community Risk Reduction / Apparatus Update
Assistant Chief Report:
• Volunteer Recruitment & Retention / Training
Firefighters Association Report:
Unfinished Business:
• City of Chelan Fire Protection Services Contract – Update
• Station 75 Short Plat – Update
• 2020-2021 Annexations – Update
• Citizens Group Advisory Board - Update
New Business:
• SOG 124 Policy on Federal Grants
Special Events:
• Thursday April 22nd at 8:10 KOZI – Commissioner Jones and Chief Donnell or Chief Asher
Board for Volunteer Firefighters:
Public Comment:
Commissioner Comments:
Executive Session: RCW 42.30.110 (1) ( g ) To evaluate the qualifications of an applicant for public employment or to review the performance of a public employee.


Manson Bay Park Lifeguards (left to right) Hugo Lopez, George Benson, and Dawson Smith

The April 27th Special Election Ballot features a request from Manson Park & Recreation District to renew the current Maintenance and Operations levy. Parks and facilities currently benefiting from these funds include Manson Bay Park, Manson Bay Marina, Singleton Park, Willow Point Park, Old Swim Hole, Leffler Field, Wapato Lake Campground, and Old Mill Boat Launch.

The current levy- at a rate of $0.23 or less per $1000 of assessed property value- was approved by voters back in 2018 with a 70% approval rating. 60% ‘YES’ is required to pass. This levy helps fund the standard maintenance and operations for our parks and programs. Here are some examples of where your dollars are spent:

• Lifeguard program
• Utilities
• Turf maintenance
• Employee wages and benefits
• Equipment repair, maintenance, and purchases
• Litter and trash removal
• Professional services (including design, engineering, permitting, grant funding, etc.)
• Supplies (office equipment, restroom supplies, irrigation repair parts, etc.)

The requested rate for this levy remains the same as it has for many years. In 2015, Manson Parks reduced the previous amount to $0.23 or less per $1000 of assessed property value. What this means is that someone with property valued at $100,000 could expect to pay, at most, $23.00 each year for the next 3 years. In 2020, the actual rate collected was only $0.155 per $1000. The collected rate is determined by the anticipated needs of the district in conjunction with property assessments. Due to the minimum wage increase, an increase in park usage, and aging infrastructure, we do anticipate higher costs than we experienced in 2020. Rising property values also impact the collection amount. You can use your property tax assessment to better estimate what this may mean for you and your family.

The District gets a large majority of its funding through this levy, park fees, and grants. Grants tend to fund larger expenses, such as the State and County grants used to purchase Leffler Field. Revenue generated by user fees, as well as the levy, help to fund park programs and maintenance expenses as previously mentioned.

Our Board of Commissioners would like to thank Manson residents for their continued support of your parks. They are proud to serve the community of Manson, and encourage you to make your voice heard by voting by April 27th. Any questions or comments can be directed to Robin Pittman at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 509-687-9635.

manson schoolManson School District
Special Board Meeting for a One Item Agenda

Friday, April 16, 2021 6:00 p.m.


II. ADOPTION OF MEETING AGENDA President Bloch will call for a motion to amend the agenda or approve as presented.
  Recommended Action: Move to approve the Spring Reopening Plan, as attached hereto, and made a part of the record.
  The board will review the reopening plan submitted by Superintendent Walker.

final butte

On 4/8/21 at 4 p.m. crews from Chelan Fire & Rescue were dispatched to a brush fire in the area of 1200 Little Butte Ranch Road.

Crews arrived to find an approximately 1-2 acre fire burning in grass and light brush, being driven by wind uphill in a draw. A second alarm was immediately called bringing additional resources from CCFD #5 – Manson, CCFD #8 – Entiat, DCFD #4 – Orondo, DNR, USFS, and BLM.

With the continued fire spread, additional resources from CCFD #1 – Wenatchee, DCFD #2 – E. Wenatchee, and CCFD #6 – Monitor/Peshastin/Dryden were dispatched.

Fire was eventually contained at 5:50 p.m. and crews had fire controlled by 6:50 p.m.

A total of 25 personnel responded to this incident with no injuries reported. Size of the fire is estimated to be approximately 9 acres and cause was due to property owner burning brush and vegetation cleared to provide a defensible space which the wind had carried into the surrounding area. 

Chelan Fire & Rescue would like to remind our community that even under the best burning situations our wildland interface areas are dry and primed for fire.

For information on outdoor burning please contact us at 509-682-4476 or visit our website: www.chelan7.com.

manson parks logo

Regular Board Meeting
April 8, 2021, 4:15pm
Phone-in meeting: 1-425-436-6260
Access code: 8182416
I. Call to Order
II. Agenda Additions and Deletions
III. Public Comment
IV. Approval of Minutes
a. March 11, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes
V. Financial Review
a. Review Monthly Financial Report
b. Review and Approve Monthly Voucher
VI. Old Business
a. Old Swim Hole
i. Updates
ii. Approval for Engineering Services
b. Levy
c. District IT Support
d. Director’s Report
VII. New Business
a. Newsletter
b. Approval for purchase of diesel tractor
c. Campground Host concessions
VIII. Adjournment
Next Regular Meeting: May 13, 2021 at 4:10pm, 142 Pedoi Street, Manson, WA 98831, unless otherwise posted.