Manson now has an online news source - The Manson Village Tribune.  The concept of a dynamic newspaper which allow the readers to become reporters has become a reality and the MVT is the place that it happens.Image

Gregory Kennedy of WebFly Graphics has created a portal for public speech and a resource for area information.  The concept of a news source that is produced by the public is an exciting reality of the information age.

The community at large is the only source of news and up until now has had to be discovered by reporters.  If a reader knows something that the reporter did not, it most likely will never be known by the public.

The Manson Village Tribune empowers readers to sort the facts from the fiction by allowing a rebuttle in the form of a news article created by them.

To become a reporter, you need to register with this web site and be approved by the editor.  Once your account is activated, you will be able to create and submit your articles for publication, all from your web browser.

The MVT offers a guide to Manson recreation and businesses, a community forum for discussion of any topic, weather, news, and other interesting items.

Advertising space that will be seen by the local community, is available for purchase.  See the "Advertise on MVT" link in the main menu.

Manson is a town in a high state of growth and change.  The MVT will grow and become the #1 local news source for Manson.  Join us today and become a part of this exciting revolution.