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Work Begins!
Laurie, Vicki and volunteers have been hard at it, rain, snow, or shine, beginning another yearly cycle of caring for the historic trees at the Orchard.  Now, before warmer weather arrives, while the trees are still dormant, pruning is well into its third week.  This is not fun, its cold, snow is melting, wind is blowing, you sink in the remaining snow, and every tree is a different challenge.   There is no waiting.
Pruning of the historic trees shapes the tree for
  • better growth,
  • air circulation, which reduces the potential for disease,
  • the desired shape,  thus reducing foliage and allowing both sunlight and sprayed materials to enter the center of the tree, 
  • removal of dead and broken branches,
It's definitely a balancing act.  Too much pruning encourages excessive shoot growth, delays fruiting, and reduces the quality of the fruit on younger trees.
2022 Annual Work Plan
Each year, the Foundation and North Cascades National Park Service Complex (NPS) jointly develop a work plan, determining what work they will collaboratively complete at the Buckner Orchard.  It is important to note that NPS has far more work completed there each year; the Work Plan only deals with activities related to the Foundation's participation.
As to be expected, not all work is completed in a given year, and may be carried forward to the next.
Supporting Our Work
If you like the work we do for this historic and special place, please considering supporting us in what we do. 
As the calendar below indicates, there are organized volunteer opportunities, as well as other times during the year when Laurie and Vicki can use your help.  Be sure to contact them beforehand if you would like to spend time "in the field" contributing, either by contacting Laurie or inquiring here at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
You very likely noticed in the Work Plan above, a significant part of our work also takes funding.  With our on-line giving options now up and working well, the links below allow you to contribute easily and quickly.  Every penny goes to fulfilling our mission statement and meeting our goals.  The Foundation itself is entirely driven by caring and generous volunteers.
Acquiring memberships and donations can made using these links or by mailing a check to Buckner Orchard, PO Box 184, Manson, WA  98831.
meat street 2022
Saturday, March 26, 2022 was a fun-filled day in Manson with several events to choose from.

My Buddy’s Place was buzzing early morning with eight teams preparing for the “6th Annual Meat in the Street” contest. Ray Medina, owner of My Buddy’s Place supplied each team with 100 chicken wings. All sizes of barbecues lined the street in front of Buddy’s and the aroma of barbecue soon filled the air.
Tickets for the event went on sale at noon and all 100 were gone in short order.
Four independent judges would make the decision as to who would be the winner of the “Meat in the Street Cook Off” -- a coveted title -- with the winner’s name engraved on a plaque hanging inside My Buddy’s Place. Event ticket holders would choose the “People’s Choice” award.

At 11:30 am the doors of the Manson Grange opened to a Manson Chamber family-fun event. Inside the Grange Hall you could learn about bees and their impact on the world, youngsters could color and outside you could plant a seed in a container, take it home and watch it grow!
The Manson Chamber’s Wine Barrel Train was taking kids for a ride around town and the Easter Bunny was also on hand for a photo op.

The 10th Annual “Soaring into Spring”, sponsored by North Shore Bible Church, in collaboration with Manson Chamber of Commerce’s “Spring Fling,” got underway at Singleton Park at 2:00 pm. Over 100 children were flying kites, shooting off rockets, enjoying popcorn and just having fun. Pastor Craig was very pleased with the turnout and said it was the best “Soaring into Spring” ever!

The Chelan Ridge Winery featured the Skiffs, a country/outlaw bluegrass band from Wenatchee starting at 2:00 and Alta Cellars highlighted Terry Buell, a local artist starting at 3:00.

Judges for the “Meat in the Street” contest started their judging at 2:15 and Ray Medina announced Tony Zuluaga’s team winner of the “Meat in the Street Cook Off” at 3:45, and the “People’s Choice” award. That makes it unanimous!

Starting at 6:30,Radiance Winery offered the tunes of Older and Wiser playing eclectic, semi-acoustic versions of songs from the 60s right up to the 90s.

Finally, if you’re a late-night person, My Buddy’s Place offered karaoke by FatKidd DJ until midnight.

If that wasn’t enough for one day, “Taste Chelan” was in full swing and offered carefully selected food and wine pairings at wineries and restaurants throughout the Lake Chelan Valley. www.lakechelanwinevalley.com/events/taste-chelan/

Topping off this remarkable day was the amazing weather enjoyed by all. We thank everyone that took part in the activities,and we will be looking forward to the 3rd Annual Spring Fling in 2023.

dougcountysherlogoOn March 12, 2022 at about 11:00 PM Douglas County Deputies were advised of a 911 hangup call in the 2500 block of SR 28. 

When Deputies arrived, they found a male in his 20’s from the Wenatchee area had been stabbed multiple times in the abdomen.

The suspect identified as Miguel Angel Lopez-Montes Jr., a 34 year old Ephrata man, had fled the scene on foot prior to Law Enforcement’s arrival.  It was learned the suspect was injured and bleeding when he fled. 

Deputies had the area medical facilities advised and requested notification if he attempted medical attention for his injuries.  At about 1:30 AM Deputies were notified the suspect was at the Quincy hospital.  Quincy PD Officers were requested to contact and detain the suspect. 

Miguel Angel Lopez-Montez Jr. was arrested and booked into Chelan County Jail for Assault in the 1st degree and Felony threats to kill, without incident. 

The victim is in critical condition at Central Washington Hospital.  

drug force logoThe Mission of the Columbia River Drug Task Force is to combat illegal drug activity in our community to help promote successful and thriving communities in both Chelan and Douglas County. Along with that mission we realize there are other serious issues driven by illegal drugs that are affecting our communities as well. Current issues facing law enforcement and our communities today that we are dealing with include: violent crime involving gang members and drug dealers, rampant drug use in the homeless community, property crime to include retail theft, vehicle prowls, trafficking in stolen property, vehicle thefts, wanted felons fleeing from law enforcement, and a flood of Fentanyl pills coming into our communities resulting in more overdoses than we have ever seen.

Based on these serious problems the Columbia River Drug Task Force has combined with the Wenatchee Police Department’s Pro Act team to expand their mission and take on these issues to combat these specific crimes in Chelan and Douglas Counties. We recognize if these issues are not given the priority they deserve our community’s safety is at stake. We plan on partnering with our communities and the Chelan and Douglas County Prosecutor’s Office to work hand in hand on these issues. Our goals are to reduce crime rates, have our community members feel safe each and every day as they go about their way of life, and continue to have a reputation where Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Chelan and Douglas County are great places to raise their families and live here for generations to come.

Here are some examples of what the Columbia River Drug Task Force has accomplished to promote this expanded mission since January 1st, 2022.

12 Felony warrant arrests
3 Investigations that led to the recovery of stolen property in both Wenatchee, Chelan County, and East Wenatchee
5 illegally possessed firearms were seized
13 arrests involving simple possession or possession with intent of Fentanyl Pills
Approximately 870 Fentanyl Pills seized

Square Dance 2019


We need you more than ever!

As reported in our Annual Report for 2021, we were able to do many good things at the Homestead and Orchard thanks to your support, contributions, and volunteering. If we are to continue this good work, funding and volunteering must continue.

The Buckner Orchard and Homestead need our support more than ever!

It's Personal
We all have our own experiences that make the Buckner Orchard meaningful and personal. Most are as simple as enjoying the location, the peace and tranquility, the history and beauty, or appreciating the wonderful Common Delicious apples. Previously, Jim Trappe and I shared our stories as to why support for the Buckner Orchard is truly personal and important.

Brun Garfoot, a Foundation board member, who grew up at the Buckner Orchard during the earliest Park Service days, shares his experiences and why he supports the Foundation and its work at the Buckner Orchard.

As someone why spent years climbing every apple tree to get the biggest one at the very top to eat, to watching the wildlife and community alike enjoy one of the pretty places in the Stehekin Valley, I am grateful to be able to support the Buckner Orchard into the future. It is a special place for me as our family had the luxury and privilege of care taking it. Very few kids can call it home. As a result, what ever I can do to insure that it is around for others to enjoy gives me great satisfaction. This is why I support the Buckner Orchard Foundation and why I hope you can too.

~ Brun Garfoot ~

Please join us today in supporting the Buckner Orchard, helping ensure that we and future generations, have the opportunity to create our own personal experiences and memories!

Herb Sargo
BHHF President

Memberships are one form of contributing funds to support the Foundation's work at the Homestead and Orchard.

RENEWALS - Quick and Convenient, renew digitally on-line (click here)

If you prefer, a check, made out to the Buckner Homestead Heritage Foundation (BHHF), should be mailed to PO Box 184, Manson, WA 98831. As a renewal, we will have your information on file. Please include your e-mail address, as this is how we receipt and communicate with members in a cost-effective manner. And, your contribution is tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.

NEW MEMBERSHIP - Download and print the membership form found at this link (click here) and mail to PO Box 184, Manson, WA 98831. Again, be sure to include your e-mail address. Or, simply use the link above for renewals for an easy on-line membership.

Individual - $25.00
Family - $50.00
Business - $75.00
Patron - $100.00
Benefactor - $250.00
Steward - $500.00
Sustainer - $1,000.00
Or, any amount you choose!

Please join us today with whatever level of membership you choose and help us assure a productive and successful future for the Buckner Homestead. Not sure how your contribution will be used? Then, review our 2021 Financial Summary, included in the Annual Report, at the link at the top of this message. All Foundation work and administration is entirely by volunteers.

DONATIONS - Another form of support for the Homestead and Orchard is a donation. Monetary donations may be for a specific purpose or as a non-specific donation to the Foundation. (click here) or mail your check as outlined above.)

NOTE - All events are subject to change or cancellation based on Washington State and Federal rules and regulations that may be in place at the time.


Web site: bucknerhomestead.org

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

douglas county logoOn February 8, 2022, the Douglas County Board of Commissioners passed Ordinance CE No. 22-02-06B, creating a Public Defender District.  Establishment of the Public Defender District creates an internal department to handle indigent defense for Superior Court cases.  The County previously contracted with a network of outside firms to provide legal representation to indigent defendants.  Contracts will continue to be used for District Court cases but the program administration will be performed by this office

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners believe that both defendants and taxpayers will be served more effectively by providing these services directly as the County continues to experience growth. Douglas County takes seriously its duty to provide representation to every citizen, without regard to ability to pay, and establishing a Public Defender District allows for additional oversight and efficiency in fulfilling this commitment.

The Douglas County Office of Public Defender will be overseen by an appointed Public Defender and will employ two full-time attorneys and two support staff at this time. 

A selection committee comprised of a member of the Douglas County Board of Commissioners, Superior Court representative, and a practicing attorney in Douglas County, will be convened in the coming weeks to select and recommend a Public Defender to the board of Commissioners to complete staffing the office. More information regarding employment opportunities will be forthcoming.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners strives to provide the highest level of service to all community members and make the most responsible use of taxpayer funds in County operations.  We believe that this undertaking will best serve the Douglas County community and be financially prudent. 

dougcountysherlogoCase# 22D00500/22D00554-SCAM ALERT

Between 2/4/2022 and 2/8/2022, 2 reports were received by our office in regards to local area victims receiving phone calls from subjects posing as kidnappers.

The subject(s) claimed to have kidnapped a family member of the victim due to them witnessing some illegal activities. Victims were asked to wire large amounts of money immediately for their family members’ safe release.

We continue to ask citizens to be aware of all the various types of telephone scams which are currently in circulation and do not disclose your personal information, or pay money to anyone you do not know.

Please continue to report all scam related incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies. 


Thanks to our volunteers, it was a good year at the Orchard!

CLICK HERE for our 2021 Annual Report

Projects and Purchases, Events and Work Parties, Financial, and more.

Lots of photos and historic information too!


dougcountysherlogoCase# 22D00219

On 1-14-2022, at approximately 9:46 PM, Douglas County Deputies received a request for a welfare check to be completed on Kevin S. James, a 56 year old Des Moines, WA resident. Mr. James was last reported to be on Spring Canyon Road in Orondo, WA and had not been heard from in over 24 hours.

Due to limited access, deputies utilized a track equipped UTV to access the area. As a result of the search, Mr. James was located deceased next to a snowmobile which was located off of the roadway.

A cause of death is still yet to be determined, however; based on initial findings it appears Mr. James suffered a medical incident and there was no evidence to suggest foul play.

dougcountysherlogoCase# 22D00227/22D00228-SCAM ALERT

On 1-15-2022, five reports were received by our office in regards to local area victims receiving phone calls from subjects posing as employees of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

One of the victims were told they had warrants for their arrest and they needed to pay money to have the warrants cancelled. The other four victims reported being told they had court documents which they failed to complete and they needed to respond to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to provide signatures. One victim reported the phone call they received was from the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office business phone line. The other four victims reported receiving their calls all from the same number using a (509) area code.

As a reminder, our office will not contact anyone by phone making these types of notifications and/or requests. Be aware of all the various types of telephone scams which are currently in circulation and do not disclose your personal information to anyone you do not know. Please continue to report all scam related incidents to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.