buckner logoAs reported in our 2022 Annual Report, the Foundation was able to do many good things at the Homestead and Orchard thanks to your support, contributions, and volunteering.  If we are to continue this good work, funding and volunteering must continue

The Buckner Orchard and Homestead need your support more than ever.

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A Touchstone
The Buckner Orchard is truly a touchstone to the past; to the history found here, to a simpler life and time, to a previous experience.  It can be personal, enlightening, reflective.   An encounter this past summer brought this home to me in a most poignant way.

 I drove back to the Orchard one morning just as the Stehekin Valley Adventures bus was loading to leave.  Stan, the driver and guide, came quickly over to me.  "Perfect timing, there's someone here you need to meet."

 As I got out of the van, visitors started getting back off the bus, as a slight, older women, assisted by two gentlemen, walked toward me from the Buzzard Cabin.  

For 97 year-old Gwen, this was a bucket list moment.  Accompanied by her three children, one at least as old as I am, this was their gift to her.  Gwen was a Chelan classmate of my late aunt, Hobby Buckner, and was her close friend.  Gwen and her family had lived at High Bridge one summer long ago,and Stehekin and the Buckner Ranch remain an important part of her life. She was especially pleased and excited to be able to share and talk with someone who had a connection to and knew those she had such fond and vivid memories of.

 The rest of the tour members stood around us, quietly listening.

 At some point, someone handed us a photo album.  Ten pages of small black and white photos and a single, typed page, Gwen had made the album just for this visit to Stehekin - to help her children understand just how important this was to her.  The photos were from 1940, many of her and Hobbie, and several that included  Hobbie's sister, Bucky.  Bathing in the river at High Bridge under the guise of swimming, a hike to a lookout, and other things teenage girls would do and share.  She knew the Sisters are gone, and asked about their families and Stehekin.

 As our visit was coming to end, she gave me a gentle hug, thanked me, and quietly confided that, surely, this would be her last visit to Stehekin. 

 As I mentioned, the bus was about to leave when this all began,  Stan and the other visitors waited quietly and patiently for fifteen minutes or so, knowing how important this was for Gwen.

 It was a moment for all of us.

The Orchard is a touchstone to the past in many different ways, as it was for Gwen.   Your support can help it remain so, long into the future.  You can make it happen.

Herb Sargo
BHHF President

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