See our previous story: Largest cache of stolen property ever recovered in our area was found in East Wenatchee (

drug force logoThe Columbia River Drug Task Force is still processing items seized from the search warrant that was served in the 100 block of N. Keller on May 20th, 2022. Victims are being identified and stolen property is being returned to the rightful owners. Items we suspect are stolen that still need owners:
* Cabinets
* Appliances-washer, dryer, stove, ovens
* Water heaters
* Electric fireplace
* Toilets
* Concrete finisher
* European oak flooring
* Evoke German flooring
* A lot of high-end alcohol
* Paint sprayers
* Numerous big screen TV’s
* Miter Saws
* Table Saws
* Heat pumps
* A lot of electrical wiring still in packing (receipts and/or proof of purchase needed)
* Assorted lumber/beams
* Motorcycle

Unfortunately, we have not seized small tools, small power tools (nail guns, skill saws, etc...).

The trailers located on the property have been returned to their owners.

What is needed for the CRDTF to release property:
* Case number from a law enforcement agency
* Serial number
* Description of items/s stolen to include identifying marks, photos, and/or receipts.

The public support has been outstanding. We thank you! The CRDTF has been inundated with phone calls and at this time we do not have the capacity to return every call. We hope this release will help clarify what property we do have and can possibly be released.