NCW crime unit 800

In light of recent events in our valley, we have learned of inaccurate information circulating on social media, word of mouth, and via text message relating to events that lead to the lockdown at Cascade Elementary School on Monday April 18, 2022.  It is important to acknowledge we have recently seen an increase in gang violence in our valley.

It is equally important to know we are taking substantial steps to address gang violence. Along with increased law enforcement presence at our upcoming community events, we are in direct coordination with our schools and all regional law enforcement agencies. We are collaborating resources, which include; School Administrators, Drug Task Force, Patrol divisions, School Resource Officers, Detectives, Prosecutors, DOC, the NCW Special Investigations Unit, and the Regional Jail.

In our recent investigations we have gathered additional information on local gang members and associates. As we continue to investigate unlawful gang activity, arrests will be made as appropriate. Public safety is our highest priority and we will continue to provide accurate information through press releases and our social media platforms. We ask for your continued help and support in reporting criminal activity.