drug force logoThe Mission of the Columbia River Drug Task Force is to combat illegal drug activity in our community to help promote successful and thriving communities in both Chelan and Douglas County. Along with that mission we realize there are other serious issues driven by illegal drugs that are affecting our communities as well. Current issues facing law enforcement and our communities today that we are dealing with include: violent crime involving gang members and drug dealers, rampant drug use in the homeless community, property crime to include retail theft, vehicle prowls, trafficking in stolen property, vehicle thefts, wanted felons fleeing from law enforcement, and a flood of Fentanyl pills coming into our communities resulting in more overdoses than we have ever seen.

Based on these serious problems the Columbia River Drug Task Force has combined with the Wenatchee Police Department’s Pro Act team to expand their mission and take on these issues to combat these specific crimes in Chelan and Douglas Counties. We recognize if these issues are not given the priority they deserve our community’s safety is at stake. We plan on partnering with our communities and the Chelan and Douglas County Prosecutor’s Office to work hand in hand on these issues. Our goals are to reduce crime rates, have our community members feel safe each and every day as they go about their way of life, and continue to have a reputation where Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Chelan and Douglas County are great places to raise their families and live here for generations to come.

Here are some examples of what the Columbia River Drug Task Force has accomplished to promote this expanded mission since January 1st, 2022.

12 Felony warrant arrests
3 Investigations that led to the recovery of stolen property in both Wenatchee, Chelan County, and East Wenatchee
5 illegally possessed firearms were seized
13 arrests involving simple possession or possession with intent of Fentanyl Pills
Approximately 870 Fentanyl Pills seized