douglascountysheriff148On 05/20/16 a Brewster Police Officer investigating an unrelated incident developed information that there was an ongoing drug manufacturing and distributing operation taking place in neighboring Bridgeport. 

Douglas County Deputies and detectives further developed the information and were able to obtain a search warrant for the residence located at the 1600 Blk. of Douglas in Bridgeport, WA.   When Deputies and Brewster Police Officers arrived to serve the warrant, they found what was described as a virtual “mini mart” of drugs.  For sale were different varieties of marijuana, dabs (a highly concentrated form of marijuana), and prescription medication suspected to be clonazepam and hydrocodone. 

The drugs were marked with prices tags and some signs advertised drugs on “special”.  Investigators also located 40 marijuana plants and butane, a component used to manufacture “dabs”. 

The suspect, was identified as 26 year old Tyler J. McIntosh of Bridgeport.  McIntosh was arrested without injury or incident and transported to Okanogan County Jail where he booked for unlawful manufacture and delivery of marijuana and possession of prescription medications without a prescription.

The Deputies and officers did an outstanding job putting together this case.  I am very proud of them.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal