douglascountysheriff148On 02/02/16 at 6:10 PM a Douglas County Deputy was patrolling the parking lot of Bridgeport High School during a school basketball game.  He drove past a young male walking through the parking lot.  The male began flashing hand signs which the Deputy recognized as gang related.  He turned around and the male immediately ran and hid among the parked cars adding to the Deputy’s suspicions that he might be involved in criminal acts. 

Initially, he was unable to locate the male, but witnesses reported he had [headed] towards the street.  The Deputy located him again walking along the road, but when he spotted the patrol car he fled again, this time behind the school.  The Deputy caught up to him and asked why he was flashing gang signs and evading him.  The male immediately pulled out a folding box cutter, opened the blade, and held it up.  The Deputy Stepped back, drew his service pistol, and ordered him to drop the knife.  After 3-4 seconds, the male dropped the knife.  The Deputy was able to handcuff him without further incident or any injury. 

The suspect was identified as 19 year old Noel Martinez of Bridgeport.  He was also found to have been consuming alcohol.  Martinez was booked at the Okanogan County Jail for Unlawful Display of  a Weapon and Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol