douglascountysheriff148On 01/24/16 at approximately 8:00 PM a Douglas County Deputy on routine patrol in the 1800 Blk. of Foster Creek Rd. in Bridgeport stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation.  When she approached the car she noticed the driver was acting suspiciously.  She also suspected the person was under the influence of alcohol.   

The suspect’s driver’s license was suspended.   As the Deputy was attempting to conduct field sobriety tests, the suspect began to back away from her.  When she attempted to handcuff him, he fled.  The Deputy quickly caught up to him and grabbed a hold of his jacket.  He turned and punched her in the stomach with a closed fist.  The Deputy deployed her Taser.  The male fell down but as soon as the electrical current shut off, he got up and ran again.  The Deputy activated the Taser a second time.  The suspect fell a second time, but even though the Deputy had her weight on him, he continued to fight and try to escape.  The Deputy activated her Taser a third time.  The suspect finally complied and was arrested.  He was examined by Bridgeport Fire Department EMS personnel who determined he was not injured except for the two Taser probe punctures. 

The suspect was booked into the Okanogan County Jail  who discover had also lied about his name.  The suspect was identified as 41 year old Manuel Pacheco-Pascacio of Bridgeport.  He was charged with DUI, Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License, Driving without an Ignition Interlock Device, Obstructing a Law Enforcement officer , Giving False Information, and Assault 3rd degree.  Pacheco-Pascario also had an active arrest warrant for a previous DUI in Douglas County.  He was warned for his traffic infractions.  The Deputy suffered bruising.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal