wildfire ready 2

This year, 260 Chelan County residents have signed up for the Wildfire Ready Neighbors program and we’re a little over halfway to our goal of 440 sign-ups before June.

With summer just one month away and fire season around the corner, we need more Chelan residents to take action to build community resiliency.

Sign-up is simple: to get a free plan, participants just visit WildfireReady.com and click ‘Sign Up’. You will be asked to provide some basic info about your property and then you will receive a free Wildfire Ready Plan customized to your unique needs to get you started. Steps may include:

  • Clearing gutters of pine needles and leaves
  • Removing flammable materials within 5 feet of their home
  • Installing metal mesh panels in the openings around their home
  • Pruning and thinning trees and vegetation within 5 – 200 feet of the home
  • And many more…

Residents can also schedule a free consultation from a wildfire expert if they’d like an expert to come out to assess their home and property.

As you know, for several summers, Chelan County has endured bone dry and hot conditions that create tremendous wildfire risks for communities. Last summer alone, 60 fires burned more than 36,500 acres.