weld competition 2022

The Manson High School shop students recently traveled to Tonasket to compete in a welding contest.

The students that competed from Manson were: Eric Luna, Jesus Estrda, Geovanni Morrales, Beren Soliday and Angel Romero.

Contestants had to do a t-weld along with a butt-weld on ΒΌ" thick metal using a 6011 and 7014 rod.

Eric Luna tied for 1st, followed by Jesus Estrda and Geovanni Morrales tying for 3rd place,

Beren Soliday placed 4th with Angel Romero tying for 5th.

Overall, it was a great showing by the group of welders from Manson High School.

The next contest they will be competing in will be at Cashmere on Dec 14th.