pac350At the beginning of this school year, Chelan and Manson staff and Migrant/Bilingual Parent Advisory Committee leaders expressed an interest in working together to bring a speaker to the Spanish speaking families in our community. After some discussion and research, they were able to bring a great speaker to Chelan on Tuesday, March 18th. Dr. Roberto Dansie is an award winning speaker, trainer and clinical psychologist. He is a dynamic speaker who brings wisdom, joy, music, and inspiration to all he encounters. And that is exactly what he did at the Chelan High School PAC!

His afternoon began at 3:30PM when he was able to provide a professional development opportunity open to all Chelan and Manson staff. Heather Ireland, Manson Elementary principal, shared a few take-aways that stood out for her. “Roberto talked about the importance of emotional intelligence and how important that is for us, as educators, to operate in that realm, not just the academic intelligence, but the emotional intelligence to control the climate (“the air”) in the classroom so that each and every student feels loved, accepted and cared for by their teacher. Roberto shared three essential components that outline the Power of the Teacher…We (teachers) are the ones that make the classroom….we have the power for our classrooms to be successful…we have power with our eyes, with our heart, and with our words. These pieces are more powerful than the external environment, more powerful than a small or large budget, and more powerful than bureaucratic requirements.” It was a great reminder to the staff of what a difference they make every day when they set foot in our schools. There were 55 Chelan staff members and 21 Manson staff members in attendance.

After the staff professional development, Dr. Dansie joined some staff members and Migrant/Bilingual parents in the commons for a “pozole” dinner before he spoke again that evening. There were about 200 parents with their children that came to hear him speak. He began his talk for the Spanish speaking families at 6:30PM. Dr. Dansie's PAC presentation encouraged migrant parents to prioritize the importance of education for their students. He spoke of the 4 kinds of intelligences: fire, earth, air and water. He told parents how they can help their children embrace and feed into those intelligences to make them be successful in school and in life. Kelly Kronbauer, Chelan Special Programs director, said “Without a doubt, Roberto Dansie was embraced and esteemed by the Hispanic community. Roberto spent lots of time after his presentation being praised and appreciated by community members.” One mother shared with him that Dr. Dansie "inspired and challenged her with many topics to think about as a migrant parent."

It was a very successful event. Manson and Chelan administrators hope to continue to work together next year and bring another speaker like Dr. Roberto Dansie to the Spanish speaking families in our community.

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