sar copter

Sheriff Mike Morrison reports, on 6-10-24 at approximately 1811 hours, Rivercom Dispatch received a 911 text from two subjects who were stranded in the area of Maple Pass. The area is on the northern most border of Chelan County near Rainy Pass on Hwy 20.

The group said they were unable to move due to snow and unprepared for the conditions. Based on the time and dwindling daylight, the decision was made to use the Chelan County Helicopter and coordinate with Okanogan County Mountain Rescue.

The CCSO helicopter picked up two mountain rescue team members, and after locating the subjects from the air, inserted the mountain rescue members on the snow field above the stranded hikers. The mountain rescue team was able to quickly reach the subjects and lead them down to the waiting helicopter.

The two subjects were cold and scared but otherwise uninjured. They were flown to the parking lot and met by Rick Balam with Okanogan County SAR. The two mountain rescue personnel had to hike out due to light conditions.   

Chelan County Sheriff's Office would like to remind everyone there is still a lot of snow in the higher elevations. Be prepared with the 10 Essentials and turn back when trail conditions worsen.