CC sheriff logo 2023Citizens of Chelan County,

Last week the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) received confirmation from Representative Kim Schrier’s office that our submission for Community Project Funding (CPF), submitted in the beginning of 2023, was approved and would be included in the fiscal year 2024 federal budget. This allocation, totaling $660,000, will be dedicated to the future implementation of a Body Worn Camera (BWC’s) program with the Sheriff’s Office.

Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that our office also secured an additional $43,000 in funding through a grant offered through the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chief’s (WASPC). This brings the total funding for BWC’s to a little over $700,000. Securing this funding will enable us to integrate BWC’s with the existing in-car camera systems.

The importance of BWC’s in modern law enforcement cannot be overstated. These devices serve as invaluable tools in promoting transparency, accountability, and trust between law enforcement agencies and the communities they serve. With the future implementation of CCSO’s BWC program, we will be better equipped to document interactions, protect the rights of citizens, and uphold the highest standard of professionalism.

CCSO would like to extend appreciation to Representative Schrier and her dedicated staff for their efforts in securing funding for the BWC program during the appropriations process. Their commitment to better law enforcement within our community is truly commendable. CCSO would also like to express gratitude to WASPC for their continued support and advocacy for law enforcement agencies across Washington State.

As your elected Sheriff, I am proud of the diligent efforts and dedication my administration has shown in an effort to ensure efficient and responsible use of public funds while continually seeking external sources of funding to address the community’s needs.

Through diligent efforts we have implemented cost-saving measures such as streamlining administrative processes and optimizing resource allocation. Additionally, we have actively pursued grants and partnership with local organizations to supplement our budget and enhance our capabilities. By remaining vigilant in fiscal management and resourcefulness, we strive to effectively serve and protect the public while maximizing the impact of the resources entrusted to us.

Thank you for your trust and partnership as we work together to make Chelan County a safer place for all. “Of the People. For the People”.

Mike Morrison
Chelan County Sheriff