CC sheriff logo 2023Sheriff Mike Morrison reports on 11/26/23, at about 6:38 PM, Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 1400 block of Wenatchee Heights Rd, Wenatchee, WA, for a multiple vehicle collision.

Deputies responded and located a 3 vehicle collision. Vehicles 1 and 3 had been driving down Wenatchee Heights Rd and Vehicle 2 was traveling up. Deputies were advised Vehicle 1 was driving over the speed limit and lost control and struck Vehicle 2. Vehicle 3 attempted to avoid the collision but was struck by a towing receiver on Vehicle 2 which caused damage and then drove off of the roadway and into a ditch.

The driver of Vehicle 2 was transported to Central Washington Hospital for non-life threatening injuries. The driver of Vehicle 3 had no injuries. The driver of Vehicle 1 was identified as 19 year old Diego A. Hernandez Ordonez of Wenatchee, WA. He was also transported to Central Washington Hospital for injuries. Diego Hernandez Ordonez was suspected to be DUI and is being charged with vehicular assault as well as not having a valid operators license and for no insurance.