CC sheriff logo 2023On 11/22/23, at approximately 2:45 AM, East Wenatchee Police received a 911 text from a female advising her husband was physically assaulting her. Officers responded to the location of the 1800 block of Sunset Hwy in East Wenatchee and RiverCom stayed in contact through text. The female was eventually able to exit the residence and officers were able to establish probable cause to arrest the male, 65 year old Pacomio Anguiano-Santana, for domestic assault. The female further advised that Anguiano-Santana had a firearm in the residence with access to it. Anguiano-Santana is a convicted felon and unable to possess firearms because of prior weapons violations.

While Officers were in contact with the female, Anguiano-Santana exited the residence, saw the officers and immediately went back inside. Officers attempted to hail Anguiano-Santana to exit but he did not.

With these circumstances the Eastern Cascade SWAT Team and Crisis Negotiation Team was activated to assist. Once deployed, the team hailed Anguiano-Santana and he finally exited and was taken into custody.

The investigation on this incident is ongoing.