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Microsoft Windows Live Mail Hangs on Program Startup

PROBLEM: Windows Live Mail hangs when starting. The logo appears, the blue circle keeps spinning, but the program main screen never shows. The program pulls mail in the background so you know it is running. You can hear the notification sound as mail comes in. Tried all of the suggested fixes: Uninstall/Reinstall, Clean Removal Tool, etc. Nothing worked.

SOLUTION: Renamed Calendar folder to Calendarx. Restarted WLM. And it worked! WLM created a new Calendar folder and the error is gone.

Latest Trojan Fake AV 4-1-11

Removed drive and scanned with Norton as external disk. Found 1 problem. Fake AV. Removed 2 files automatically. Started Task Manager at startup. Otherwise the trojan would disable it. Killed process with jsu.exe. That stopped the trojan from running. Found many occurrences of jsu.exe in the registry. Removed all keys. Microsoft Security Essentials would not run because the service would not start. The executable was missing. Uninstalled Microsoft Security Essentials. Installed new copy. Ran quick scan. Nothing found. Ran pending updates - adobe reader, java, windows updates

Acer Aspire 6530 Power Jack

Symptom: Battery would only charge with lid from 3/4 to all of the way closed. Orange charge light would go off with lid open.

Cause: Power jack assembly at fault. Wires broke internally from repetitive opening and closing of lid.

Solution: Replace power jack assembly