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Web Design

WebFly can design a unique website for you that reflects your individual message in a clear, concise layout.

WebFly charges a rate of $30 per hour. A simple site takes about 10 hours to create and test.

FLASH animation, forms, database - you name it, WebFly can do it!

Take a look at the sites of some satisfied customers:

Jerry R. Tretwold, Owner/Administrator, Harmony House Health Care Center

Feb 26th, 2010


I am compelled to send this letter in reference to the work you did for us on our web site. A website is a great idea for those of us in business so we decided to build one for Harmony House. Clearly our project looked like something out of the Stone Age. We were never happy with our efforts and wanted to do something about it.

One day after speaking with a mutual friend of ours, Jerry Isenhart, about the web site dilemma, he mentioned your name and said to give you a call. Well, you know the rest of the story and wow what a difference! You did an incredible job and we now have the modern and informational web site we were looking for.

I am surprised at how many people actually visit our website when looking for skilled nursing home services. I feel good in knowing our web site is one that truly shows what Harmony House has to offer.

Please put us at the top of your many satisfied list of customers and feel free to have anyone give me a call who would like to know about the great services your company provides.

In closing, I want to say thank you again for such a great job.


Jerry R. Tretwold
Harmony House Health Care Center

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PC Repair

If your PC isn't doing what you would like it to, give WebFly a call. WebFly can repair software and hardware problems and upgrade your PC to perform at it's peak.

WebFly charges a rate of $30 per hour for PC work. Most problems can be fixed in under two hours.

Fixes to not so common problems - click here

Read the comments of some satisfied customers:

Terry Allan of Allan's Fishing Guide Service:

"I thought I had lost all of my data when my hard drive died. WebFly was able to fix the bad drive and recover all of my data".

Terry Allan
Jeffrey Webb, C.P.A.:

"My administrative assistant was complaining about the slow response of her office computer. WebFly installed more memory and cleaned up my files. Even though the computer is an older one, it now performs great and my admin is happy".

no pic
Frank Gray:

"The FAX machine on my PC would not receive properly and my Internet connection was unreliable. WebFly reconfigured my setup and fixed all of my PC problems - even some that I did not know about - all in under an hour!".

Frank Gray
Shawn Smith:

"My office network wireless router kept dropping the connection. WebFly reconfigured my network and added security features that allows only my computers to access the wireless network".

Shawn Smith

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