wsdot-logoOLYMPIA – Ready to gobble down some turkey and stuffing? First, make sure you’ve cooked up a plan to navigate heavy Thanksgiving weekend traffic.

The best recipe for successful holiday travel is to plan ahead:

In the mountains, State Route 123 Cayuse Pass (elevation 4,675 feet), State Route 20 North Cascades Highway (elevation 5,477 feet) and Chinook Pass (elevation 5,430 feet) remain open as of Nov. 21, but the status can change quickly. On Snoqualmie Pass (elevation 3,022), plan for longer avalanche control delays this winter as work to widen Interstate 90 continues. Check the most current Washington pass conditions before heading out.

In the Puget Sound, the State Route 520 bridge will have weekend toll rates on Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, returning to weekday rates on Black Friday, Nov. 28.

To ease congestion, most state highway construction work is suspended beginning noon Wednesday, Nov. 26, through the weekend. Travelers planning a trip by ferry, train, personal aircraft or bus should also make plans to avoid holiday delays:

  • Please plan ahead for heavy holiday ferry traffic. The longest lines are expected westbound Wednesday afternoon and evening, Nov. 26, and eastbound Friday morning, Nov. 28. Some routes will be on a holiday schedule on Thursday, Nov. 27. Check the Washington State Ferries website, or call toll-free 888-808-7977 for details and wait times.
  • For information about traveling via state-operated airports, visit or call 800-552-0666.
  • Most public transit systems will follow a holiday schedule, and some transit systems will not operate fixed-route or Dial-A-Ride service on holidays.
  • WSDOT added two Amtrak Cascades trains Wednesday, Nov. 26, and Sunday, Nov. 30, to the existing Thanksgiving schedule between Seattle and Portland. All Amtrak Cascades trains require reservations, and passengers are encouraged to purchase tickets early; Thanksgiving sells out quickly. Visit or call 800–USA–RAIL for reservations and information.

11/12/14 - Tasula and Len Berggren of Coquitlam, BC with their mornings catch of Lakers
11/15/14 - Repeat customer Dean Williams, Casey McAfee, Parker Williams and Miles Kendrick of Monroe, WA with their mornings catch of Lakers
11/15/14 our very own Jeff Witkowski with a nice holdover rainbow caught in Mill Bay on Lake Chelan.
We have made it through our first big cold snap of the winter and now we are getting our first significant snow fall, but our early winter pattern of trolling the Barrens and the Trench for Mackinaw on Lake Chelan continues hot. Also continuing hot is bank fishing and trolling for planter Rainbow Trout on Lake Chelan. The occasional holdover triploid rainbow is a bonus. Roses Lake has received it’s winter rainbow trout plant and is providing hot action for planter sized rainbows. The Upper Columbia River has been providing fair action for steelhead and other fish in the early fall.

We troll for these mostly eating sized Lakers from 220 to 245 feet deep. Fish within 3 to 5 feet of the bottom and keep your speed around .8 to 1.3 mph. Glow in the dark Smile Blades from Mack’s Lure continue to be the go to attractor here on Lake Chelan. Put those in front of a 4 inch needlefish squid rig by Silver Horde, bait them with a piece of Northern Pikeminnow and scent everything with Pautzke’s Krill Juice to keep yourself consistently into the fish. These fish are completely jammed full of Mysis shrimp. This in turn makes the meat especially delectable.   While we find those mysids in our Lakers all year, this late fall / early winter time really concentrates that feed in the lower basin to fatten up our fish.

Rainbow trout on Lake Chelan can be caught by a variety of methods. Catch them from shoreline locations with Pautzke’s Firebait in American Wildfire using a 30” leader on a slip sinker rig. You can also catch them trolling using Mack’s Lure Mini Cha Cha Squidders behind a Mack’s Lure 0000 Double D Dodger. Bait those mini cha cha’s with a piece of worm or a small nugget of Pautzke’s Fire Bait.

Pautzke’s Fire Bait will also work well from the shore on Roses Lake for planter sized Rainbow Trout. WDFW planted approximately 16,000 fish that were 2.4 fish to the pound. Those are about 9” fish. So far, Roses hasn’t frozen over and shore anglers are limiting in less than an hour.

Your fishing tip of the week is to take a page out of the tournament anglers strategy book and prepare plans A, B, C and maybe even D to make efficient use of your precious “on the water” time. This could mean rigging trolling gear and lining up lures so that if plan A’s presentation you can work through your progressions without having to search and then tie knots with chilly fingers. If you are going to switch from still fishing to casting, have those rigs prepared and ready to put into action. This requires thinking ahead and preparing at home. Keeping your presentation in a prime location in an attractive way will make you more successful. It’s only logical.

I will dispense with normal format for my first post Veteran’s Day Report to share my thoughts and feelings before moving on in future reports. I believe the best thing that we can do to honor our war dead is live well and joyously.   However, I think it is occasionally necessary to reflect and appreciate their sacrifices. My friend, Terry Gilden was killed in the Beirut Embassy bombing of 1983 by Hezbollah militants. The mission there was to bring the bloody civil war in Lebanon to an end. In 1993, my friend, Randy Shugart was killed by militants of a Somalian warlord. The mission there was to clear the way for food supplies to reach hundreds of thousands of starving civilians in rural Somalia. While critical thinking is necessary and skepticism can be useful, make no mistake.   Flawed as we might be, we are the good guys because men like my friends answer the call and do their best to implement our national will. George Orwell said it best: “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” Just reflect for a moment about the lifestyle we enjoy and give thanks for these men.

On November 19 at just before 11:00 PM, Rivercom communications received an alarm call from Pat and Mike’s store located at 53 South Lakeshore in Chelan.

A responsible party arrived at the store and observed some major damage to the wall and believed someone crashed through the wall and then fled. It wasn’t until Deputies arrived did they discover a vehicle that had driven into the building, was in fact still inside inside the building.

The vehicle, a black 2013 Ford Explorer was being driven by 23 year old Justyn Corter of Chelan. He was northbound on Hwy 97 and left the roadway at SR 971, just missing the guard rail and gas pumps of the store. The vehicle crashed through the wall and stopped deep inside the building causing a large amount of damage.

Corter was transported to the Lake Chelan Community Hospital where he was treated and released with non-life threatening injuries.

The owner of the store was notified and there was an attempt to tow the vehicle out of the store, but before they started, it was determined to be too dangerous, as the structural integrity of the building was compromised. It was decided to tow the vehicle out in the daylight after the building was shored up a bit to facilitate a safe removal of the vehicle.

Alcohol and cell phone operation was a factor in the collision, which is still being investigated.



NFPA discourages the use of outdoor gas-fueled turkey fryers that cook the turkey in hot oil. The use of turkey fryers can lead to devastating burns, other injuries and the destruction of property.

The Dangers of Turkey Fryers

OilFry250Hot oil may splash or spill during the cooking. Contact between hot oil and skin could result in serious injury.

A hot oil spill can happen with fryers designed for outdoor use using a stand. The fryer could tip over or collapse causing the hot oil to spill. Newer counter top units using a solid base appear to reduce this risk. NFPA does not believe the risks of either type of turkey fryer to be acceptable because of the large amount of hot oil involved and the speed and severity of burns.

In deep frying, oil is heated to temperatures of 350° Fahrenheit or more. Cooking oil is combustible. If it is heated above its cooking temperature, its vapors can ignite.

Propane-fired turkey fryers must be used outdoors. They are very popular for Thanksgiving. Many parts of the country may have rain or snow at this time of year. If rain or snow hits the hot cooking oil, the oil may splatter or turn to steam, leading to burns.

Turkeys must be completely thawed before placing in the fryer, because a partially thawed turkey will cause the oil to splatter causing serious burns.

The fryers use a lot of oil, about five gallons. Considering the size and weight of the turkey, extreme caution must be taken when placing and removing the turkey from the fryer to be sure it is not dropped back into the fryer, splattering the oil on the chef.


NFPA urges those who prefer fried turkey to look for grocery stores, specialty food retailers, and restaurants that sell deep fried turkeys, or consider a new type of “oil-less” turkey fryer.

wsdot-logoFeedback on projects list welcome Nov. 18 – Dec. 17

OLYMPIA – After months of collaborating with local and regional transportation planning organizations, the Washington State Department of Transportation is ready to present its annual list of future statewide transportation-improvement projects to the public for review and comment.

Anyone is welcome to provide feedback on WSDOT’s draft of the 2015–2018 Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) beginning Tuesday, Nov. 18, until Wednesday, Dec. 17. The 30-day comment period is the last step of a process that finishes near where it began: talking with local residents, leaders and planners in communities across the state. Any comments WSDOT receives will be sent to the appropriate local-planning organization for consideration.

About the projects list

More than 1,100 transportation-improvement projects statewide utilizing $2.6 billion in federal funds are included in the 2015–2018 STIP. Improvement projects include pavement overlays, roadway widening, bridge replacement or repair, signal systems, safety enhancements, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and transit facilities. 

WSDOT developed the project list in coordination with metropolitan and rural transportation planning organizations statewide to ensure that projects are consistent with local, regional and state transportation plans.

About the STIP

The STIP is a four-year, prioritized program of federally funded transportation projects. The list also includes some state and local transportation projects. A new four-year STIP is created every year, and projects may carry over as they move from design to permitting and, ultimately, to construction.

Projects included in the STIP are funded by a combination of federal, state and local sources. Federal-aid projects must be included in the STIP before the Federal Highway Administration or Federal Transit Administration can authorize the expenditure of federal funds.

The 2014-17 STIP is also available online. A similar, searchable database of the 2015-18 STIP will be created in early 2015, following FHWA and FTA approval. Some county projects are not included in the draft STIP. By state law, counties are required to complete their transportation-improvement programs by the end of December, and their projects will incorporated into the final version in January.

How to participate

Written comments can be sent to:

Nancy Huntley, WSDOT

PO Box 47390

Olympia, WA 98504-7390

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fax: 360-705-6822

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