douglascountysheriff148On 02/02/16 at 6:10 PM a Douglas County Deputy was patrolling the parking lot of Bridgeport High School during a school basketball game.  He drove past a young male walking through the parking lot.  The male began flashing hand signs which the Deputy recognized as gang related.  He turned around and the male immediately ran and hid among the parked cars adding to the Deputy’s suspicions that he might be involved in criminal acts. 

Initially, he was unable to locate the male, but witnesses reported he had [headed] towards the street.  The Deputy located him again walking along the road, but when he spotted the patrol car he fled again, this time behind the school.  The Deputy caught up to him and asked why he was flashing gang signs and evading him.  The male immediately pulled out a folding box cutter, opened the blade, and held it up.  The Deputy Stepped back, drew his service pistol, and ordered him to drop the knife.  After 3-4 seconds, the male dropped the knife.  The Deputy was able to handcuff him without further incident or any injury. 

The suspect was identified as 19 year old Noel Martinez of Bridgeport.  He was also found to have been consuming alcohol.  Martinez was booked at the Okanogan County Jail for Unlawful Display of  a Weapon and Minor in Possession/Consumption of Alcohol

douglascountysheriff148On 01/29/16 at approximately 6:00 AM Douglas County Deputies responded to a suspicious circumstances complaint at the 800 Blk. of Jarvis Street near East Wenatchee.  The house was vacant and owned by a bank, but the witness had seen people inside.  When Deputy Bill Black arrived, he observed a male in a vehicle parked in the driveway of the residence.  The male was identified as 32 year old Anthony Leppell of East Wenatchee.  He was found to have a felony warrant for a probation violation on a previous Theft 2nd degree charge.  Leppell was arrested and transported to the Chelan County Jail without injury or incident.

On 01/29/16 at approximately 7:00 AM Douglas County Sheriff’s eant, Paul Downs, responded to a disturbance complaint at the 600 Blk. of Second St. in Rock Island.  The reporting party passed her door keys out her bedroom window and asked Sgt. Downs to please come inside.  Once in the residence, Sgt. Downs contacted the second half of the disturbance, 24 year old Matthew Gregory of Rock Island.  Additional investigation revealed that Gregory had five warrants for his arrest: Theft 2nd degree, Residential Burglary, Assault 3rd degree, Possession of Marijuana, and a liquor violation.  Gregory was taken into custody without incident and booked at the Chelan County Jail.

At around midnight on 01/30/16 a Douglas County Deputy was on routine patrol in the area of the 3300 Blk. of NW Cascade.  He observed a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign.  The Deputy, Sgt. Rich Poppie, activated his emergency equipment and stopped the vehicle as it pulled into a driveway.  The driver exited the vehicle and began walking away while trying to conceal his face.  Sgt. Poppie grabbed the suspect by his jacket and told him to stop.  The subject was identified as 43 year old Jeremy Hansbrough of East Wenatchee.  Investigation revealed that he had an active warrant for felony possession of stolen property.  Hansbrough was arrested and booked at the Chelan County Jail without injury or incident.

As always, I am proud of the good work and dedication of my team.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

douglascountysheriff148On 01/04/16 at 9:36 AM Douglas  County Deputies were advised of a structure (a mobile home) fire 1190 New Penfold Court.  Douglas County Fire District #2 firefighters reported there had been one person inside and that he had burns on his hands.  The person, 21 year old Jaime D. Hernandez, was transported to Confluence Hospital. 

Firefighters found a large amount of marijuana and several cans of butane gas in Hernandez’s bedroom.  A witness reported seeing him taking small glass jars from the house to a vehicle on the property.  Because of the drugs and suspicious nature of the fire, Douglas County Detectives obtained a search warrant for the mobile home and the vehicle.  In the house, detectives located eight melted cans of butane, marijuana pipes and suspected marijuana.  In the vehicle investigators found more marijuana drug paraphernalia, marijuana “dabs”,  (marijuana product extracted from the plant and concentrated into a smokable oil using butane), and a stolen computer. 

The Douglas County Fire Marshal, Brian Brett, determined that the fire had started in Hernandez’s room and that an arc from a lamp had ignited butane vapors and started the fire.  The conclusion by investigators was that Jaime was manufacturing dabs in his bedroom. 

Also living at the residence was Jaime’s parents and four siblings ages 16, 14,11, and 8.  It is believed that Jaime’s reckless behavior caused the fire, which destroyed the home, leaving the family homeless.  The case was forwarded to the Douglas County Prosecutor.  On 01/22/16 he filed charges for Unlawful Manufacture of Marijuana (Class C felony) and Reckless Burning 1st degree (Class C felony).   The case has been set for a hearing in Douglas County Superior Court.

The Deputies, Firefighters, and Prosecutor used great skill and teamwork to resolve this incident. 

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal

wash traffic commissionOLYMPIA – After appointing two new members to the Washington State Transportation Commission earlier this month, Gov. Jay Inslee recently appointed Shiv Batra, Mercer Island, to fill the third remaining open seat on the seven-member body.

“Our state is experiencing population growth and a strong economy – it means we’re doing great things that attract great people to Washington, but it also means more demand on our already strained transportation system,” Inslee said.  “We must continually assess better ways to move people and goods. Shiv experiences these challenges every day, and has the skill set and expertise to enhance the commission’s work on congestion management and long-term funding sustainability for our statewide transportation system.”

Batra has lived in Washington state for 37 years and currently resides on Mercer Island with his family.  He has graduate and post-graduate degrees from the University of Nebraska. He is currently semi-retired, and serves as executive vice president at Tetra Tech Engineering, Inc. Prior to this post, he served as president and CEO of Bellevue based INCA Engineers, Inc. for 25 years, where he played a key role in establishing the company’s impressive reputation in the professional Architectural/ Engineering community. 

Batra has been a prominent advocate and active member of the U.S. engineering community for more than three decades. He is a member of numerous professional organizations that serve the engineering and construction industries and has served as president, committee chair, and board member for many of them. 

“I have spent my entire life working professionally in the surface transportation and water-borne navigation sector and see all modes of the transportation system as the foundation of our economy and an instrumental part of our lives,” Batra said.  “We need good roads, rails, transit and a robust, multimodal transportation system in order to live, play and work. Our region faces great challenge in this regard as we witness increasing population growth, and with that growth, increased congestion. Our future is bright, but we must advance our transportation thinking to evolve and change with our changing population.”

Batra has been successful in promoting adoption of technology advancements, civic participation and professional development activities at the local, regional, national and international levels. He is also very active in many local non-profit organizations, such as the Bellevue Downtown Association, Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, Eastside Transportation Committee, King County Parks Task Force, King County Transit Task Force and the Puget Sound Regional Council. 

The commission is a seven-member body appointed by the governor and is charged with setting toll rates, ferry fares, authoring the state’s 20-year transportation plan, and advising the governor and Legislature on transportation policy and fiscal matters. For more information about the commission, visit:

douglascountysheriff148On 01/24/16 at approximately 8:00 PM a Douglas County Deputy on routine patrol in the 1800 Blk. of Foster Creek Rd. in Bridgeport stopped a vehicle for an equipment violation.  When she approached the car she noticed the driver was acting suspiciously.  She also suspected the person was under the influence of alcohol.   

The suspect’s driver’s license was suspended.   As the Deputy was attempting to conduct field sobriety tests, the suspect began to back away from her.  When she attempted to handcuff him, he fled.  The Deputy quickly caught up to him and grabbed a hold of his jacket.  He turned and punched her in the stomach with a closed fist.  The Deputy deployed her Taser.  The male fell down but as soon as the electrical current shut off, he got up and ran again.  The Deputy activated the Taser a second time.  The suspect fell a second time, but even though the Deputy had her weight on him, he continued to fight and try to escape.  The Deputy activated her Taser a third time.  The suspect finally complied and was arrested.  He was examined by Bridgeport Fire Department EMS personnel who determined he was not injured except for the two Taser probe punctures. 

The suspect was booked into the Okanogan County Jail  who discover had also lied about his name.  The suspect was identified as 41 year old Manuel Pacheco-Pascacio of Bridgeport.  He was charged with DUI, Driving with a Suspended Driver’s License, Driving without an Ignition Interlock Device, Obstructing a Law Enforcement officer , Giving False Information, and Assault 3rd degree.  Pacheco-Pascario also had an active arrest warrant for a previous DUI in Douglas County.  He was warned for his traffic infractions.  The Deputy suffered bruising.

Very Respectfully,

Sheriff Harvey Gjesdal